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As a Christian University, we acknowledge the image of God in all people and celebrate diversity. We commit to the principles and lenses of equity and inclusion, including the creation of an environment that facilitates equal access and outcomes, fostering a sense of belonging for members of historically non-dominant groups.

Diversity and Equity Statement

Warner Pacific University grounds its diversity work in the principles of equity and inclusion.

Equity: Equity refers to the process of creating an environment that allows for equal opportunity, access, and outcomes (related to social indicators) for members of historically underrepresented and marginalized groups. Equity also refers to addressing the systemic disparities that exist between individuals and groups based on their identity, background, and experiences.

Inclusion: Inclusion is when traditionally marginalized and underrepresented individuals and groups feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to participate in the campus culture as full and valued members of the community, helping to shape and redefine the institutional culture in different ways. Inclusion also refers to creating an equitable college climate and culture that is supportive of all students, which allows all members to participate actively in building community and maximizing their potential. As such, grounded in equity and inclusion, Warner Pacific University defines diversity as a systematic response to address the needs and disparities of historically marginalized and underrepresented groups in higher education. These groups include:

  • First generation college students
  • Students from low income backgrounds
  • Ethnic minority students
  • Students who are underprepared academically

Warner Pacific University also acknowledges and is committed to diversifying the staff and faculty of our institution so employees can adequately reflect the racial, ethnic, and gender composition of the students we serve.
Additionally, Warner Pacific University strives to create an environment and ethos that models inclusive excellence. Inclusive Excellence refers to creating an environment for all college community members, which includes:

  • Opportunity, Access, and Success
  • Equitable Campus Climate and Culture
  • Learning Development and Engagement
  • Transformational Curriculum and Scholarship for an Urban Context
  • Institutional Infrastructure – Capacity Building

This statement is informed by the AAC&U and the Communities of Color Equity Lens.

As the most diverse four-year college in Oregon and the only four-year college designated a Hispanic-Serving Institution, we have invested our time, expertise and empathy into creating a place where all can follow their dreams in a place of safety and respect.

Get to know others’ experiences through student groups, classroom learning, service and worship. Not only will you be prepared to work alongside people from all over the globe, you will experience your own enrichment and renewed love of humanity.

If you are interested in exploring more about topics or experiences not currently represented in what we offer, let us know.

Statement of Compliance

Warner Pacific University does not discriminate in its student admission and employment practices and provides equal opportunity for al student applicants and employees regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, and any other status protected by laws and regulations.

All employment divisions, including hiring, promotions, compensation, benefits, transfers, and terminations are made in a manner that does not discriminate against individuals in the categories discussed above. Because Warner Pacific is a Christian liberal arts university, the university exercises its legal right to hire Christian employees to fulfill its mission and purpose.